Low season: seven (plus one) good reasons to come on vacation to San Benedetto del Tronto

San Benedetto del Tronto: ideal destination for the low season

San Benedetto del Tronto is known and famous for being an ideal place to spend summer vacation. The blue flag sea, sandy beach and shallow waters have made it a favorite destination for Italian and international beach tourism for more than a century.

Hotel hospitality that is particularly attentive to the needs of families, and the ability to move easily on foot or by bicycle within the city, mean that tourists often return to San Benedetto del Tronto each year to spend their vacations, forever tying themselves to the magic of this place. We, the staff of thePoseidon Hotel, are always ready to advise customers with suggestions to experience the best vacation: find out with us why to go on vacation to San Benedetto del Tronto, even in low season!

San Benedetto del Tronto, in fact, is always a good choice at any time and season of the year, even in the low season.

The renovated waterfront, the course always bustling with life and business, the characteristic locales suitable for every palate, where the most modern flavors are mixed with ancient culinary tradition; the magic of places where time seems to stand still, such as the port with its bustle of boats, the fish market, the old embezzler, with the massive “tower” towering over the city, and then the lighthouse, which still guides sailors through the night: all this, and more makes St. Benedict an ideal tourist destination always, at May as in September.

Let’s take a closer look in detail at what this charming town in the province of Ascoli Piceno, an area known as
The Riviera of the Palms
because of the wide spread that this species has throughout the territory, giving it a particular exotic character.

1. Do you want to move far and wide around the city without using a car, but by walking or using bikes, skates or scooters? You can

San Benedetto del Tronto offers residents and visitors the opportunity to forget the car, as getting around on foot or by bicycle is really easy and pleasant, in any season. The flat roads and mild weather for much of the year invite people to roam the length and breadth of the city while being outdoors at all times.

An ideal destination for the longest walk has always been the waterfront: It runs along the Adriatic for almost 5 km and develops from the Rotunda of Porto d’Ascoli, the tourist center where hotel and tourist facilities are located as well as theHotel Poseidon, up to Giorgini Square, in the center of the old seaside town. Always shaded by the presence of pines, limes, palms, tamarisks, and hedges, it has recently been renovated and enriched with small botanical gardens that enhance its exotic appeal. With large pedestrian and bicycle-friendly spaces, you can travel it on foot, by bicycle, or with an electric scooter. The Poseidon Hotel provides its guests, subject to availability, the use of bicycles to visit the city and its surroundings. The more athletic will be able to continue their bike ride by reaching nearby Grottammare and Cupramarittima thanks to the new inter-municipal network of bike paths.

2. Want to walk around admiring an art museum carved into the rocks? You can

Yes, you read that correctly! In San Benedetto del Tronto there is an open-air museum stretching out into the blue Adriatic Sea. Taking the bike path that runs along the waterfront leads to one of the most beautiful and evocative views of this city, the “nuttate de Luna” garden. Here lies a monument to Sambenedettese seafaring history, the bow of the Atlantic fishing vessel Genevieve. Around a bend lined with lush oleander trees, the view opens onto a breathtaking natural spectacle in which the green lawn embraces the horizon of a golden sea that accompanies visitors to the South Pier, one of the two arms of the harbor. The scent of the sea carried by a gentle breeze and the view sweeping in every direction to distant horizons make the South Pier one of the most fascinating places where you can enjoy the silence interrupted only by the lapping of the waves breaking on the rocks. The Museo D’Arte Sul Mare is located here, which is always open and has free and open access. More than a kilometer long, it consists of 135 sculptures carved from large concrete blocks and 10 murals. Each year it is enriched with new works created by artists from all over the world, drawn by the Sculpture & Painting Alive event.

3. Do you want to buy and taste fresh and fragrant fish? You can

If you want to buy fresh, local fish, the best place to do so is the Fish Market at the Port. Here you can immerse yourself in seafaring tradition, witness the landing of fishing boats and the characteristic sale of fish. You may also get a chance to see women or men working the nets, repairing them, or building new ones to tackle the next trip out to sea. But you can also stay comfortable: atHotel Poseidon, for those who choose full board, every day we offer a fish menu with traditional dishes! Have you ever tried our brodetto alla sambenedettese?

4. Want to take a dip into the past by rediscovering ancient seafaring civilizations? You can

Now that you have savored the smell of the sea in its most real sense you can continue your walk to visit the Sea Museum at the North Pier. Here is collected the treasure that the fishing boats of the Sambenedettese navy have collected over the years. A unique collection of artifacts of Phoenician, Greek, Roman, and Byzantine origin. Amphorae, aquariums, crustaceans and evidence of seafaring civilization will tell you about ancient times and underwater civilizations.

5. Want to do some quality shopping and maybe sample some local delicacies? You can

Very close to the harbor is the city center. A long pedestrian avenue dotted with businesses and artistic works. Shopping temptations are plentiful throughout downtown San Benedetto, which stretches from the harbor to the old incasato: clothing, jewelry, make-up, books, furniture accessories. Every need can be met. Numerous dining options with bars, restaurants, pizzerias, and ice cream parlors.

But San Benedetto del Tronto is also a modern, up-to-date city in which the past marries the present in a decidedly unique combination. Indeed, the center is dotted with public places with avant-garde architecture and contemporary taste, offering dishes from all over the world. But that’s not all! The city center is ideal for families, full of games and attractions for children, especially under the large pine forests surrounding the pedestrian-friendly Viale Buozzi.

6. Do you want to visit a historic center that has its roots even in Roman times? You can

Towering over and watching over the city is the ancient Torre dei Gualtieri, Torrione or “lu turriò” for the people of San Benedetto. With a unique hexagonal plan reminiscent of a ship’s hull, it is a watchtower dating back to the 12th-13th centuries. It contains within it two large bells. One, the larger of the two, weighs 6400 pounds and is from 1853. Visiting the Torrione is possible and indeed a must as climbing to the top of its 16.60 meters gives a total and breathtaking view, not only of the city of San Benedetto del Tronto, but also of all the neighboring towns. Time here has always been marked by the large clock on the facade of this giant, and even today boats go out to sea to the sound of the chiming of “lu turriò.”

7. Do you want to practice soccer, rugby, skating, tennis, swimming? You can

Are you on vacation but still don’t want to give up your hobbies or passions? In San Benedetto del Tronto in August as well as in the off-season, you can take advantage of a wide range of opportunities to practice sports. The “Pino Gregori” municipal swimming pool near the tourist hub is equipped for swimming, water polo and diving classes for both adults and children. If you are a soccer lover, there is no shortage of fields where you can play your games with friends or your team. There are six in all, distributed in various parts of the city. You just have to choose the one closest to your hotel. There is also a brand new rugby field and a beautiful skating rink nestled in the green downtown area. The “G. Maggioni” tennis club is a feather in the city’s cap. With its ten playgrounds including two indoor courts and a central court equipped for large events, it is the ideal place to spend your free time taking advantage of learning or playing your favorite sport.

San Benedetto del Tronto is a small oasis of peace where the acceleration of modern times gives way to slow time, punctuated only by the pleasure of experiencing nature and rediscovering what nourishes the soul.

+ 1. Do you want to save money? You can

In the off-season you can guarantee all this in a less chaotic city with more relaxed rhythms, less traffic, more tranquility, and a clearer sea than ever before. And everything is more convenient:
check availability
and see how much you can save! Higher quality standards, maximum livability, lower costs, and a city at your and your family’s complete disposal.

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